What does Home Abroad mean?

This is a question that I have been asked one too many times and once explained, I get the ‘Aha!” and affirmative nod. Simply put, I describe it as that feeling of comfort and familiarity when in a foreign place. An indescribable moment that starts when one finally relaxes and personal pace falls in rhythm with the beat of the new destination, and one cannot get enough of of its sights and sounds.

A little back story..

Growing up in Kenya, working in USA, long business trips to Asia and solo vacations to far flung places, I saw a common trend during these travels.  After the ecstasy of arriving in a new place had waned down,  I found myself over and over again soothed and welcomed by the familiar.

This phenomenon did not make sense until May 2014 while on vacation in Lukang and Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan). When taking a stroll, in what was probably the most foreign place that I had ever been, I found a market area that sold red bananas and arrow root. Right in the midst of seafood and other local Taiwanese delicacies, there were foods that were very ethnic and indigenous to me. The best part of it all was seeing a Canter full of fresh pineapple and the owner diligently peeling and packing fresh fruit, filling the warm tropical air with the sweet scent of fresh cut pineapple, just like in Ngara market Nairobi.

I love to travel and I love Taiwan, a country with some of the friendliest people that I have ever met.  And just like that special moment in Lukang, where i realized how similar we all are, I have decided why not create the familiar friendly at home feeling with fashion? Furthermore, how can Africa be transformed to familiar everyday fashion? and really showcase the the spirit of contemporary Africa.